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New Ghillies, Smocks and Hides Available End of May 15

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Equipment Features    LATICS Ghillie     TICS Ghillie     Desert Cover     Nets

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Equipment Features

Multi-spectral - Effective - Proven - NSN Codified - 3D - Ultra-light - Comfortable - Noiseless - Adaptable - Variable Signature - Robust - Quick Drying - Fire Resistant - Low Pack Volume - Weapon and Equipment Compatible - Easy Wash - User Repair.

LATICS Ghillie

NSN - 8415-99-173-8013.

Lightweight Adaptable Thermal Individual Camouflage System.

Four-piece system, head shroud, hooded smock, trousers, gloves.

Can be worn in number of different configurations and adapted to users specific requirements.



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TICS Ghillie

NSN - 8415-99-925-2407.

Thermal Individual Camouflage System.

Five-piece system, head shroud, smock, trousers, gloves.


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Desert Cover

NSN - 8415-99-173-8013.

Multi-spectral specialist cover with observation port.

Reversible dark/light tan.

Use in desert/arid/urban environments.

2.7m x 2.7m.

Optional support system.

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Multi-Spectral Camouflage Nets

NSN - Various.

Lightweight camouflage nets that provide multi-spectral screening.

Standard Size 2m x 1.5m. Other sizes up to 4m x 4m available.

Temperate - Desert - Arid - Urban


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 10 May 15


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