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LATICS Ghillie       Desert/Arid Cover        Thermal Imagery

LATICS Ghillie

NSN 8415-99-173-8013

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Desert/Arid Cover

NSN 1080-99-886-2362

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Thermal Imagery

See Description Below

You will need to look at the image from right to left!

The image shows three snipers lying in firing positions. On the right of the picture a sniper in a normal ghillie suit is clearly visible. Note the distinctive 'triangle' made by his head and arms.
In the centre of the picture is a second sniper wearing a Roctec Ghillie, note that the overall signature is much reduced.
On the left of the picture is a third sniper (equidistant from the centre one) also wearing a Roctec Ghillie, with his thermal signature further reduced.

This image demonstrates not only effectiveness but also the ability to vary signature and match different backgrounds.

(Image taken at British Army Land Warfare Centre, Warminster).

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10 May 15


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