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Useful Links and Information about Roctec, Camouflage, Force Protection, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, Defencell and Cyber Security.


Roctec web site -

Roctec videos on You Tube -

Cyber Security and Electronic Warfare Countermeasures

UK Cyber Security Background and Threat Information - click here for the UK Government CPNI Cyber Security Policy, Threat Analysis and Other Information.

US DoD Cyber Security Information - click here for US DoD website.

Electronic Warfare Countermeasures Equipment -

Force Protection

Defencell Force Protection System - An excellent replacement for sandbags and gabions, providing blast, ballistic and anti-ram protection - take a look here. The article also covers integrating Roctec and Defencell equipment.

Defencell For Flood Protection

This link will give you a good overview on Defencell for improvised or permanent flood prevention measures.


10 May 15


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