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Kit will include LATICS, CamoSmock, CamoBag, CamoNet, CamoScreen, CamoHood, Camo Gloves and Others

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Roctec designs and manufactures world-class technical camouflage systems including sniper suits, ghillie suits, capes, nets and covers. For military, law enforcement and counter-terror operations. In use throughout the world.


Roctec equipment is multi-spectral and able to defeat ultra-violet, visual, near infra-red and far infra-red sensors (eyes, binoculars, image intensifiers, night vision gear and thermal imagers). Selected systems are now SWIR capable (available Late-May 2015).


Effective - Proven - NSN Codified - 3D - Ultra-light - Comfortable - Noiseless - Adaptable - Variable Signature - Robust - Quick Drying - Fire Resistant - Low Pack Volume - Weapon and Equipment Compatible - Easy Wash - User Repair.


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